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A TalenTailors Story...

Hello everyone,

I wanted to start our weekly article series with the brand story.

Why would a company that produces solutions in human resources be called TalenTailors, you may ask?

Because my mother was a sewing teacher, we always had a working sewing machine at home when I was a child. She would spend hours measuring, cutting, sewing, and fitting clothes on me. It always fascinated me how a roll of fabric entering our home would transform into a dress on me within hours, and I would admire my mother's work. Seeing the joy on my face, she would take pleasure in her work and always strive to do more. Sometimes, we would even go to the fabric store together to choose materials. I would get lost in the colorful rolls, imagining dressing each one on a mannequin. Then, back to reality, I would go to my mother with a roll of fabric chosen, often larger than my height. Sometimes my choices were accepted, sometimes my mother would say that the fabric wouldn't make a suitable dress due to its structure or difficulty in use, and we would choose another one together. That's why, as a child, I was always with my mother during the making of many of my clothes, and I realized at a young age how honorable it is to create something.

I was the daughter of a productive woman who would think, design, and deliver to the user from A to Z. Sometimes, I would even be a child model at the fashion shows my mother organized, proudly walking on the runway. Because those clothes, admired by everyone, receiving minutes of applause, and perhaps envied by some, were made by my mother's hands. I witnessed countless times over the years how much effort went into this work.

My mother did this job for years and sewed the same thing dozens of times. When I asked her if sewing the same thing repeatedly was a boring job, she said to me, "The dress may be the same, but everyone's posture is different." Perhaps, it was these words I heard as a child that laid the foundations of today's TalenTailors brand.

Because, in the end, it was about the story of a tailor and their customer. At the end of the day, the customer wanted to be comfortable and perfectly fitted in that dress, while the tailor wanted to create a garment according to the customer's body. Perhaps she had sewn that dress many times before, but sewing it for that customer made her work unique. It had to progress in such harmony that neither the customer should wander around with fabric in hand nor the tailor should put the dress on the shelf without it being worn.

My mother taught me this for years. It wasn't just a simple fitting I watched over the years. It was about understanding the expectations and taking the right measurements, so that every job ended up being perfectly fitted.

My mother is retiring these days, and I am embarking on a new journey with what she taught me. While she aimed to achieve magnificent harmony between fabrics and people, my journey will be to find the most suitable talent for the texture of organizations and polish their existing talents.

That's why we, as TalenTailors, are here to understand your expectations, provide you with suitable solutions, and establish sustainable partnerships where both sides are happy at the end of the day!

Our talent tailors are continuing to work to provide you with tailored solutions...

Wishing you a wonderful week and a great reading break!



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