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Are you also a Moso tree?

"Do you feel like nothing changes, no matter what you do?

Then let me introduce you to the Moso tree. Maybe it will give you a different perspective on life.

Moso is a type of bamboo tree that grows in the Far East. Even when provided with the most suitable conditions, it shows no visible changes. Those unfamiliar with its story might think that the tree didn't take root, doesn't like its place, or won't survive. You might find it intriguing that after about five years, you can come back to it, and it remains the same. In the rapid changes brought about by time and environmental conditions, staying the same for five years may seem peculiar to you.

When the right time comes, Moso suddenly starts growing at a rate of about 40 – 45 cm per day. With this growth rate, it reaches a height of about thirty meters in approximately two months. Did a magical wand touch Moso all of a sudden? How does it rise so rapidly towards the sky in about two months? Actually, finding the answer is not that difficult. So, how did Moso achieve this?

Moso has been growing underground for five years. How does it make you feel to wait five years just to witness its growth on the surface? When you read his story, you might think he is a very strategic tree. From the moment its roots touched the ground, it must have realized that it could not support its majestic thirty-meter trunk without a proper foundation. So, for these five years, it made an investment in the future. If it had not nourished its roots with such a strategy, it would have broken at the first challenge and returned to where it started. So for years it tied itself to the soil. Over the years it has withstood storms, rains, crossed paths with the roots of many other trees... Who knows what difficulties it had to face in order to hold on to life, to stand on solid foundations?

Now no storm can break its branches, no intersecting root can make it stray from its path. Is it easy to destroy something with solid foundations in an instant? Moso's perseverance and patience have also shown its stance in life.

Now it is your turn... It would be a mistake to expect every seed you plant to grow into a tree with a drop of water. If a tree grows with a drop of water, even eating its fruit will not be pleasant. Because you will realize that it does not have the flavor you are looking for. So, what should you do?

Change and development require patience and commitment. Instead of giving up and saying it's not working, focus on the next step.

Lots of love,

TalenTailors Team

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