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The traces left by the leader!

We often encounter writings in our daily lives such as "What we usually do to become successful managers, to be a leader or a manager, etc." In these writings, we are constantly expected to do or be something to succeed. I won't share a long list of how to become a more successful manager, don't worry; this time, I wanted to approach the subject from the opposite direction. 🙂

If you ask how to become an unsuccessful manager, here are the first things you should do:

1- Never Be a Good Person

Regardless of the profession we are in, I believe that being a good person and having good intentions are at the core of the job. Because you may not be very successful in your job, you may not manage your team very well, your managerial qualities may not be strong. Nevertheless, your employees knowing your good intentions, liking you, respecting you, and being more flexible in the face of problems will be beneficial. Therefore, never be a good person, otherwise, your employees might like you. Be careful!

2- Never Empathize

Why should you empathize? Being aware of the effect you create on the other person, understanding and caring about their feelings, looking at things from their perspective is to value the other person. Don't ever do these things because you might make them feel valuable. Be careful!

3- Don't Give Feedback

Don't give your feedback on time, or better yet, don't give any feedback at all. Because you need to spend time with your employee to do this. However, don't even have a quality 5 minutes to spare for them during the day or in the face of an event, as you might help your employee develop. If possible, save your feedback for the year-end performance review; the black book will do your job during the meeting. Take notes of all the mistakes they made throughout the year, don't forget a single one. Be careful!

4- Don't Motivate Your Employees

To motivate, you must be aware of your employee's motivation sources and values. There should be an effort on your part to understand your employee. Knowing your employee, knowing what they want, keeping their motivation sources alive, and making an effort for it are necessary to get performance. Don't make an effort for it!

5- Don't Coach Your Employees

Coaching is a kind of guiding the employee's path, being a compass on their route. Touching someone's life, directing them, helping them find the truth with the questions they ask is crucial for the employee's personal development. But don't ever ask how to do something, preferably ask why they did it. Because the question "how will you do it" finds the way, the question "why did you do it" finds the culprit. Finding the culprit is easier than finding the way, choose the easy one. Be careful!

6- Never Trust Your Team

Trust is one of the fundamental values of a good team. There is peace in working environments where people trust each other. Peace increases people's willingness to work, performance, creativity, and commitment to the organization. But does an organization need these? Therefore, don't ever base the foundations of your communication on trust. Be careful!

7- Engage in Mobbing

Oh, it's so hard to be an unsuccessful manager, so much to do, those who say, "There's a sure solution for you." If you take away someone's zest for life, you've taken everything from them. Ignore them, make them feel stress and tension in every cell of their body, be inconsistent, you can even insult them. Communicate? Trying to understand? Never!

I would like to end my article with a quote from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Founder of the Republic of Turkiye, which I really like:

"The attitudes of managers lie at the root of both social development and decay."

Or are you those who prefer to be a snowflake for the avalanche-like growth of social decay?
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